Top 3 Preschool Jakarta With International Education System And Curriculum

The increasing popularity and understanding of international education have made parents aware of an international school. But, isn’t the international school only for kindergarten and secondary level? If you are looking for an international preschool Jakarta, you can consider these three top locations. Each of them has its good and bad, which you need to know.

Some Of The Best Schools In Jakarta You Need To Consider

  1. Global Sevilla Preschool And Kindergarten International School

Positioned as one of the best international schools for preschool, elementary, and secondary education, Global Sevilla offers a complete 14K education. In this school, the education involves a range of activities under the varying curriculum for each level. The material and education system is also considered unique with its mindfulness method.

There is also a comprehensive education that is not only focused on score and learning outcomes. The school highlight comprehensive education through formal, informal, and mental learning. Students also learn through values, which prepare students as part of society. For the preschool and kindergarten levels, Global Sevilla also focuses on EYFS and IEYC.

EYFS or Early Years Foundation Stages is the educational focus that highlights mental, physical, emotional, social wellbeing, and cognitive development. To support the EYFS and six areas of development, the preschool Jakarta complements the education with IEYC or international early year curriculum with varying material and school activities. 

  1. Highscope Indonesia Preschool And Kindergarten International School

Highscope show its credibility through its experience in the education sector. The institution was established in the US with more than 25 years of experience and numerous school branches across Indonesia. There are a total of 7 schools spread in Jakarta, which allow parents in every part of the city to join the school.

In term of education, Highscope focus on Hean Piaget’s principle of education. It means that the education and learning activities are focused on cognitive development that is gained through analyzing, learning, and gaining knowledge from the surrounding environment. It is one of the fundamental in childhood education framework.  

  1. ACG School Jakarta Preschool And Kindergarten International School

The third preschool you can consider is ACG school. It is an international school that offers world-class education from 3-18 years old. ACG or Academic college Group is known as the small classroom to provide individual education and attention. However, the preschool Jakarta also appreciate diversity and foster growth under an international school environment,

It is safe to say that international education is not only for older students. Some preschools and kindergartens have implemented some international standards to give the best education. You can see from the Global Sevilla School, Highscope, and ACG. Each has a complete education and curriculum that is in line with international standards.  

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